When’s the Best Time of Day to Take CBD?

When’s the Best Time of Day to Take CBD?

Though more and more information about CBD comes to light as its popularity grows, there’s still a lot to learn. The hemp plant and the CBD that comes from it both have a lot of benefits to reap, but it helps when you know the right way to use them. It matters through which medium you consume the full spectrum hemp extract, but what’s also important is the time of day that you take CBD. 

It’s important to note that people incorporate CBD into their lives for a myriad of different reasons. While one person may use it for a sleep aid, another might use it for heightened focus throughout the work day. That’s what’s so awesome about this little part of nature – how versatile it is. What all of this has to do with what time of day you take CBD is related to what goals you have in mind. Just what are you hoping to gain from consuming full spectrum hemp extract?

If you’re one of the many people who’s looking for better sleep, taking CBD at night is the best way to go. We offer CBD + CBN + Melatonin Softgels, and these pack an extra punch (not a literal punch, we’re trying to go to bed here!) for relaxation with the added melatonin, a well-known sleep hormone.

If you’re looking for more focus and reduced anxiety, taking CBD at night would be counterintuitive. Instead, take it at the top of the day when you’re just getting started. In this case, we offer capsules that are perfect for beginning your journey of 24 hours on the right foot – CBD Softgels and CBD + CBG Softgels.

When it comes to Softgels, the positive results don’t always take effect right away. It takes a little while for the CBD to make its way into your system. If you’re looking for an immediate boost, an instant shot of energy or wellness, look no further than nano CBD. Because of the small particles that make up nano CBD, it’s able to slip into your bloodstream quicker and get to work right away. Stay hydrated with our Nano CBD Water (you have to get those 8 cups per day anyway, right?) or jazz up your week with the flavor of Nano CBD Shots. They’re also available to purchase singularly if you’re not ready to take the 12-pack plunge.

There are a lot of people who use CBD for specific reasons, but there’s another huge portion that exists that uses hemp extract simply for general wellness and all-around health support. In the latter case, it doesn’t really matter when you take it – but consistency is key. Take CBD every day around the same time of day, and you’ll soon find a rhythm that benefits you, your physical and mental health, and your life as a whole.

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