What is Alkaline Water and what are the Benefits?

What is Alkaline Water and what are the Benefits?

To start this off, we’re going to skip the chemistry lesson and explain what alkaline means in general terms. Water, beverages, food, and anything else you can ingest is either alkaline or acidic. If you have too much of one or the other, it will cause problems in your body. In general, it’s important to keep the alkaline and acid levels balanced in the body — to keep everything perfectly neutral. Regular drinking water is perfectly neutral.

Why would I want to drink alkaline water?

While the body is usually pretty good at regulating your levels, sometimes the things you eat or drink can upset the balance. Soda is one example of something that is safe to drink, but is actually pretty acidic. Drinking alkaline water can help to bring that acidity back to neutral more quickly. 

While there still needs to be more in-depth scientific research on the subject, there have been some small studies and anecdotal evidence that suggests there are other alkaline water benefits as well. 

One thing we know is that alkaline water reduces blood viscosity, meaning it helps your blood flow more easily throughout the body. This improves oxygen delivery to your organs, which in theory could do things like enhance muscle performance or increase concentration and brain function.

Another interesting fact is that alkaline water molecules are actually smaller than regular or acidic water molecules. This means it’s easier for them to be absorbed by cells, tissues and organs, which helps your body to re-hydrate faster. 

So is it safe to drink alkaline water? 

Just like soda that has a higher acidity, it is perfectly safe to drink alkaline water, within reason. Remember, there needs to be balance between the alkaline and acid levels in your body. So if you’re doing nothing but chugging bottled alkaline water all day long, things could get weird. Too much alkaline can lead to issues in the skin and gastrointestinal tract. If that starts to happen, back off and go back to neutral drinking water for a while.

But if you’re keeping your consumption to a reasonable level, say 1 or 2 alkaline water bottles per day, you should only be feeling the benefits mentioned above.

I’d like to try alkaline water. Where do I start?

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