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CBD Drops: The Take-Anywhere Beverage Enhancer

CBD Drops: The Take-Anywhere Beverage Enhancer

Water, for many of us, is a given in everyday life. It fits into our routine seamlessly, and we don’t give it a second thought. But for many others, water isn’t a favorite drink – they much prefer tea, coffee, or soda. Maybe it’s because they don’t like the taste of water, or maybe they like the alternatives better. Whatever the reason, it’s still possible to get premium CBD into your system without water in the picture.

That’s where CBD drops come in, which are a way to enhance any beverage with the power of hemp. Instead of drinking an entire water bottle (which might feel impossible if you aren’t a natural water-drinker), you can choose to put these CBD drops into whatever drink you want.


This beverage enhancer is a great way to add premium CBD to any drink while on-the-go. One drop delivers 25 mg of potent, fast-acting nano CBD. Nano CBD is made up of tiny particles – much tinier than your average CBD – which means that the body can absorb it faster and it starts working more quickly. 

This is a convenient and reliable way to get your daily amount of CBD while enjoying a beverage that you already drink.

How can CBD drops fit into my life?

Imagine you’re a: 

Construction worker with a demanding schedule. You keep a tried and true water bottle with you at all times, one that latches to your belt. By adding ICHOR CBD Nectar into that water every morning, you add a boost of balance for the rest of the day to keep your mind focused on what you’re working on. 

Day trader with no time to do anything but keep an eye on the stock market. Your drink of choice is coffee, because the caffeine keeps you alert, but you need some balance added to your day – because the days get hectic. ICHOR CBD Nectar is a perfect additive to your cup of joe, because it supports both your mind and body while you stay focused on the market. 

Landscaper that spends most of the day on your hands and knees, working with soil and earth. The body can get worn down and tired in such a position day after day, but adding ICHOR CBD Nectar into your post-shift iced tea will allow your body to relax and rest up for the morning to follow. 

CBD fits into every lifestyle, which means that we support everybody – no matter your age, occupation, or preferred CBD consumption method. ICHOR CBD Nectar is made for those who need a little extra boost to their day through a beverage that they know they enjoy.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. ICHOR products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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