A lot of people have probably made new year’s resolutions for 2021, and chances are, a lot of those resolutions have something to with staying healthy or getting healthier. One of the most common ways to amp up your health is by working out – we all know that. We also know that working out can be hard. Most of the time it’s hard to get yourself out of bed to do it, or force yourself to get to the gym after a long work day. But even though it can be a struggle at times (or most times), working out is definitely rewarding. 

While getting into a workout routine, it’s imperative to find a reason to keep going. Do you want to gain muscle mass? Lose weight? Improve heart health? Your reasons are entirely up to you, but in order to keep up your routine, understanding your “why” is key. Also, you must remove all excuses. That means equipping yourself to show up and put in the work each and every day.

Fast-acting nano CBD is a great way to support the mind and body in the midst of and after the toughest training. Nano CBD is composed of microscopic particles – the smallest possible, actually – and work much more efficiently than regular CBD. Since the particles are so small, they work their way into your endocannabinoid system much faster than regular CBD does. They intermix with your bloodstream and the benefits start kicking in almost right away. 

Luckily, ICHOR offers a wide variety of nano CBD products that can help you through your workouts. First off, there’s Nano CBD Water. Nano CBD Water doesn’t only help you stay hydrated – which is something you direly need during a workout anyway – it also helps prevent inflammation. This can be a great tool whether you’re new to the workout scene or not. With every workout comes minor muscle tears, and Nano CBD gets to work on repairing those tears almost as soon as they occur. 

We also offer Nano CBD Shots, which allow you to stay focused and engaged. During a workout, you want to be present instead of just ‘phoning it in.’ Nano CBD Shots will help make that happen – all with an awesome, natural berry flavor. By staying engaged, you can get the best results possible and end up feeling good about the work you’ve put in – and you’ll be ready to do it all again tomorrow.

Lastly, comes Nano CBD Cream. We all know what it’s like to be sore after a workout. That feeling of hardly being able to get up and down the stairs, or even out of bed, for that matter, is awful. And it doesn’t make you want to get back to the gym the next day, that’s for sure. That’s where Nano CBD Cream comes in. By rubbing it onto where it hurts – whether that’s sore muscles or sore joints – you’ll speed up your recovery time tenfold. Then, since your soreness has dissipated, there’s no excuse to skip the gym the following day. 

No matter what Nano CBD product you use – whether it’s one of them or all of them – they’ll surely make your workout experience a walk in the park. You’ll definitely show 2021 who’s boss.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. ICHOR products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.