No one likes pain – that’s a simple fact of life. We avoid it in any way we possibly can. So, when there’s a way around feeling discomfort, it’s given that many, if not all, of us will take that route. 

That’s where CBD comes in. ICHOR CBD topical cream can aid in pain relief* and make a difficult day a breeze to get through. Knowing this, it’s a wonder why more people haven’t jumped on the CBD train.

 The truth of the matter is that much of society doesn’t know how Nano CBD works in a topical cream, and we tend to be wary of the unknown. But after reading this article, you won’t be able to say that any longer.

CBD Topicals

At ICHOR, we make a CBD topical option with Nano CBD. Nano CBD is composed of incredibly tiny particles that work fast and effectively. These particles don’t clump together like average-sized CBD does, which means that they work efficiently and you don’t have to wait long for them to take effect. They work so much more quickly because instead of getting absorbed by your digestive system, they slip directly into your bloodstream. 

Because Nano CBD is made up of such small particles, this means there’s a more complete absorption into the skin, muscles and inflamed tissue. In other words, you can start to feel it work once you start using CBD Pain Relief Cream. 

Along with its quick work time, a little Nano CBD goes a long way. You don’t have to slather on the Cream in droves – this is because it takes a smaller amount of Nano CBD than regular CBD for it to be effective. These particles do a lot of work for being so tiny.

A Natural Pain Relief

CBD is a natural product – you can ease into its effects and seamlessly insert it into your daily life for a pleasant, well-rounded experience. 

It can be used after a tough workout – if your body is typically tired after an hour or two at the gym, so much so that you don’t want to go back the next day – CBD is the way to go. By adding CBD topicals to your post-workout routine, your muscles have a better chance of recuperating and being ready for a workout the next day. 

You don’t have to be a gym rat to enjoy the effects of these topicals, though. If you sit at a desk all day (like many of us do), your posture is bound to take a hit. By rubbing some CBD topical on your shoulders, your soreness won’t be exacerbated overnight, and you can start the next day anew. 

ICHOR CBD Pain Relief Cream is a stronger, more effective, and fast-acting product that could take the place of many synthetic drugs. These synthetic drugs are made in a laboratory and have the potential to come with all kinds of side effects, whereas all-natural Nano CBD is gentler on both the body and the mind.

While it’s a good idea to substitute, or at least supplement, CBD with your run-of-the-mill pain medications, you should talk to your doctor before replacing any prescriptions. 

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. ICHOR products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.